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GreenCanvas Expansive Component

GreenCanvas Expansive Component for Sustainable Concrete – producing what many thought impossible, reducing or eliminating concrete curl, simplifying joint layout through reduction/elimination of control joints, and eliminating dry shrinkage cracking. This naturrally found, cementitious, inorganic powder will produce a shrinkage compensating concrete when added to standard concrete mix designs. Profiled architectural concrete floors placed with GreenCanvas promote even aggregate reveal desired by owners and design professionals and eliminate joint maintenance. GreenCanvas will increase the life cycle, abrasion resistance, durability, tensile strength, and water tightness of the finished concrete placement. The densification of the concrete results in an increase in the resistance to chloride intrusion and a concrete life cycle that is up to 2 1/2 times conventional concrete. Its mechanical bond with reinforcement, the lack of cracks, and the dense microstructure can eliminate the need for re-bar coating in the harshest of environments.

GreenCanvas Expansive Component Application

Polished Concrete Slabs Storage Tanks
Parking Structures Piers
Walls/Tilt-Up Bridge Decks
Topping Arenas/ Artificial Skating Rinks
Gunite Watertight Construction
Flatwork Concrete Grout
Interior/Exterior Oil/Gas
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Shrinkage Compensation

A component is added to a standard concrete mix by the ready mix supplier or contractor, to provide a Type G SCC in accordance with ACI 223. Green Umbrella Shrinkage Compensation achieves shrinkage compensation through the formation of calcium hydroxide platelets within the concrete matrix.


SCC made with Green Umbrella GreenCanvas allows the design engineer and the contractor to eliminate many of the contraction joints associated with regular concrete design and construction. Expansion joints between adjacent placements can often be eliminated by larger monolithic designs. Expansion joints placed for thermal expansion of linear elements are determined by thermal considerations that are not changed by the use of SCC.

The American Concrete Institute defines shrinkage compensating (Expansive) concrete as a concrete that, when properly restrained by reinforcement or other means, expands an amount equal to, or slightly greater than, the anticipated drying-shrinkage. Subsequent drying-shrinkage will reduce these expansive strains, but, ideally, a residual expansion will remain in the concrete, thereby eliminating shrinkage cracking. (ACI 223–10R)

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